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Otomate Winter Market preorder: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Xre7jF2dVin75qFcPrP6soi_VSzrXpHzJXCDiYMzjSU/

Also featuring Kazuki Yone sensei's doujinshi artbook and merchandise.

Sorry for the very rough form. Both LJ and Google Form works like a nightmare on iPhone. I pretty much can only type text wiyhout editing anything. ^^; Offer ends in Dec 29th. So if you want to join, let me know soon. order (Saiyuki).
Although time is a bit tight, it's a shame to miss these lovely goodies. ^^;

Sorry for disappearing for so long. I was hospitalize for a couple weeks without net connection. *sweatdrop* But the airplane ticket I bought in Sept is non-refundable & non-changeable. So I'm still going to Comiket as planned.

Gift plushies (Oct batch), DMMD game, and Okita pillowcase have arrived. I've updated the trackjng numbers here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13GXWnMTzmIhwC7R7j_GQRw0F_1jp1VDQtqndYp101sE/
I've refunded some AGF items I didn't get (slim tapestry & pouch). Some are in the mail (tights, artbooks) or waiting for mail order (Saiyuki).

Table of Contents

*=recent updates.
General Data / FAQ
Publications Game +Manga +etc | *Drama CD | Artbook |  *Figure+Plush
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Translation: Drama CD, Novel, etc
Drama CD 1. Two Toshizou | 2. Panacea ☆ Ishida Powdered Medicine | 3. Flower Under Full Moon
4. Shinsengumi Detective Files: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
5. Sword Appraisal | 6. One Inch Samurai: 1-2, 3-4, 5-7, 8-9
Novel 1. The Warm First Snow
2. The Inspector [Yamazaki] / Banked Fire in Winter [Saitou]
Anime 1. Sekkaroku Vol.2
2. Reimeiroku OVA: 1) Illness in Summer, 2) Nagakura Shinpachi the Strongest
3. *Hakuoki Movie Ch1 ~ Kyoto Ranbu Special
Other 1. Reimeiroku anime ending song
2. Kazuki Yone on Twitter

Hakuouki Reimeiroku Introduction & Translation
Introduction 1. Character intro | 2. Chapter 1 | 3. Opening | 4. Chapter 2 | 5. Drama CD +α
6. Interview with Ryunosuke | 7. Ch3 | 8. Ch4 | 9. Short Novel | 10. Countdown
The Goal of Reimeiroku
Saitou route Ch1~2 | Int.#6 | Int.#7 | Ch3 | Ch4 | Ch5 | Ch6 p1 | Int.#38 | Ch6 p2 | Ending | Epilogue
Okita route Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 | Ch5 | Int.#32 | Int.#33 | Ch6 | Int.#34 | Ending | Int#35
Hijikata route Int.#7 | Ch4 | Ch5 p1 | Ch5 p2 | Ch6 p1 | Ch6 p2 | Int.#29~30
Serizawa rt Ch1 | Ch2~3 | Ch4 | Ch5 | Ch6 | Epilogue
Harada route Ch3 | Ch4 | Int.#45 | Ch4 part 2 | Ch5 | Int.#46 | Ch6 | Epilogue
Kosuzu route Ch4 | Ch5 | Ch6 | Epilogue
Summer Days Prologue | Harada | Kosuzu | *Saitou | Shimada | Yamazaki

Shinsengumi in History
Year 1863: Reimeiroku Timeline | Serizawa's Assasination
Year 1864: *Ikedaya Incident
Year 1868: Shogunate Troops in Boshin War | Aizu Shinsengumi #1, #2
Bakumatsu Fun Facts: Left and Right | Telling Time | Dates & Birthdays | Shinsengumi's Swords

Anime Girl's Festival (AGF 2014) Preorder

Quick FAQ for new comers.
How to order: Please comment. Don't send message. LJ doesn't allow replying to new accounts, unless you upgrade to "Plus" account.
Price: Price listed here are in US Dollars.
Payment: Paypal. Plz send as to friend. I accept any currency (Euro,AUD,etc). (Paypal currency convert)
Shipping: I ship to anywhere in the world via registered airmail, which reaches you in 1~2 weeks. Online trackable.
My feedback page. :)

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Anime Girl's Festival 2014Collapse )
HakuoukiCollapse )
A Fine Summer Day, aka Konatsu Biyori, is a side story in Reimeiroku PSP/DS/PS3 version. Its format is like Zuisouroku, with choices that lead to short stories for every character.

This is told from Ryunosuke's POV. Prologue.
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Ikedaya Incident, in Yagi Boy's Eyes

Translating this for the 150 year anniversary of Ikedaya Incident! :D

Yagi Tamesaburo was only 12 years old when Shinsengumi (was Roshigumi back then) moved into his family's mansion, and lived with them for two years. Shimozawa Kan had interviews with him, and wrote it in his Shinsengumi Trilogy. There're two chapters based on Yagi's talk. The first is "Mibu Yashiki", introducing Shinsengumi members and tidbits he recall. The second is this. It's very interesting to see Shinsengumi daily life, from their landlord's child's viewpoint.

Before and After the Raid on Ikedaya - Yagi Tamesaburo's Mibu Talk
(November 15th, 1929)

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Event Exclusive Merchandise [2014]

Closed. Saving this for reference. Not accepting any further requests.
2014 Summer-AutumnCollapse )
DMMD & Nitro+ plushiesCollapse )

Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu Special

Hakuouki Movie 1 : Kyoto Ranbu special version, with English sub and Chinese sub.
It’s a digest of the movie: the first 10 minutes, and Ikedaya Incident. The backbone is the same, with everything else different. Very interesting. Not to mention the beautiful animation and sleek battle scenes.
Hakuouki costume setting, in movie pamphlet. About the battle attire...Collapse )

Event Exclusive Merchandise [2013~2014]

Closed. Saving this for reference. Not accepting any further requests.
2014 SpringCollapse )2013-14 Winter MarketCollapse )2013 AutumnCollapse )

Hakuouki Reimeiroku: Illness in Summer

From the tokuten disk for buying all 6 Reimeiroku BDs/DVDs.

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Game Introduction - Hakuouki Hienroku

【薄桜鬼 緋焔録】Hakuouki Hienroku ~ Record of Scarlet Flames official teaser.
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