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This part is so Yamazaki route. XD

Hijikata asked the inspectors to help in preparing the sumo wrestling performance.
Serizawa and Niimi often say if someone's unable to raise fund to keep this place going, he has no rights to complain how they run things.
Hijikata didn't want to threaten merchants like they do, so he wanted to show them his way of raising funds.

With this in progress, their work doubled. One day when Ryu was reporting to Yamazaki, he didn't get any reply...
Ryu: Hey Yamazaki! Are you with me?
Yamazaki: Huh? What? Where were we?
Ryu: Don't "where were we" me! You fell asleep!
Yamazaki: So... sorry.
Ryu: Nah. Didn't you spent all night meeting the big shots from Kyoto? I bet you barely slept last night.
Yamazaki: Actually... Since Roshigumi's reputation isn't that good, it's hard to get someone willing to talk to us.
Yamazaki: No! No time to be discouraged. Vice commander trusted this to us. I have to devote myself on what I can do now.
... You can't even concentrate now. Ryu thought.
Ryu: Say, it's just a suggestion. Why not leave some of the inspector's works to me?
Yamazaki: Huh? What's got into you?
Ryu: I'm just thinking that your first priority is arranging meetings for the performance, right? So it'd be nice if I share some of your work, only before the performance.
Yamazaki: Ibuki...
Ryu: But I gotta tell you first. I can't do everything like you can. Since my face is easily remembered, I can't go undercover, or pry information out of suspicious soldiers... Looks like I can't help much.
Yamazaki smiled.
Yamazaki: Ibuki... Then I'll accept your kindness, and rely some of the works to you.

Roshigumi was requested to protect a daimyo in Osaka. Their mission ended without any problem. At that night, Hijikata said they need to discuss something, so he's leaving with Kondou and Saitou. He asked Shinpachi to take care of things afterwards.
Shinpachi: Yeah I know. I knew there's a reason for this combination.
Shinpachi sighed, since the reason why Hijikata brought him here was to watch over Serizawa.
Kondou: Then, Serizawa-san, please look after Nagakura-kun and Ibuki-kun.
Serizawa: I know. Leave it to me.
Kondou and Saitou bowed, and left with Hijikata.
Shinpachi suggested returning to the inn and rest, but Serizawa wanted to have fun in red-light district. After a short debate (since Serizawa lost patience), Serizawa agreed to settle with calling a few geishas to the inn instead.
The two geishas were very sociable, and kept Serizawa in a good mood. Everything was smooth until Serizawa told them to dance, naked.
The girls protested, saying they're entertainers, not prostitutes. Serizawa snapped. He kicked over the table, yelled at them, saying he must punish them for their rudeness. When Ryu was ready to stop him, Shinpachi grabbed Ryu.
Shinpachi: Ryunosuke, hurry up and get Hijikata-san back. Leave it to me here.
Ryu: But...
Shinpachi: Just go and get them! The store they're in isn't far anyway. You can't hold back Serizawa-san when he goes on a rampage, can you?
Ryu: Alright. I'll be right back. Hang in there!

When they're back at the inn, they saw the geishas and the head servant knelt on the floor apologizing, begging Serizawa not to cut their hair since they wouldn't be able to show themselves in front of guests anymore.
Serizawa: What are you talking about? Were you men, you'd lose your heads for this. It's because you're women that I can forgive you just by cutting your hair. You insulted the commander of Roshigumi. I can't let this slide.
... You insulted them first, by telling them to dance naked. Ryu thought.
Kondou: Serizawa-san, there's no need to be so serious about trivial things happened during drinking.
Shinpachi: Yeah. The ladies are already crying and apologizing. Can't you forgive them?
But Serizawa turned a deaf ear to them. He took another sip of sake and spoke in a delighted tone.
Serizawa: The ones cutting their hair would be... Hijikata, you and the dog.
Ryu: What? How could I do that?
Serizawa: I'm not telling you to cut off their heads, just the hair. Now can you, Hijikata? Can you cut the hair of a geisha that you have no grudge against?
Serizawa looked toward Hijikata with provocation in his eyes. Hijikata stared back.
Hijikata: Fine. I'll do it.
Serizawa: Dog, what's keeping you? Draw your sword.
[There's a yes/no choice here. "Yes" gets a CG, while "no" gets a bonus event.]
Ryu: No... No way! I really can't do something like this!
Serizawa: Can't even cut the hair of a woman? You're such a coward. Oh well. Then Saitou, you do it.
Saitou: Me?
Saitou didn't seem shaken. But he looked toward Hijikata, silently asking for instruction.
Hijikata: Do it.
With Hijikata's brief words, Saitou nodded without hesitation.
Saitou: ... Understood.
They stood behind the geishas, and took those luxurious kanzashi out of their hair.
Geisha: Please forgive me! I'm regretting my misbehavior!
Hijikata didn't seem to hear their plea. Or he's pretending to not hear it. He stared at Serizawa with flames of hatred in his eyes, like he wanted to kill Serizawa on the spot.
Serizawa noticed, and smiled in composure, like saying "try it if you can."

Serizawa: What an entertainment! Isn't this a great addition to the sake?
He threw the girls' long hair on the floor, scattered them everywhere.
Serizawa: Why don't you drink? It's not often to have sake this tasty!
His laughter filled the room. But everyone else looked away with gloomy expression.

The sumo wrestling performance was a big success. Seeing the wrestlers and customers thanking Roshigumi with warm smiles made it all worthwhile. The Osaka sumo wrestler stable master even offered to do an extra performance for Roshigumi. On 8/13, after the extra performance, the sumo wrestlers came to bid farewell.

Stable master: We really received a lot of help from you. I can't thank you enough. If you come to Osaka again, drop by our place and let us welcome you.
Hijikata: The feeling is mutual. May our friendship last forever.
The stable master bowed again and again. Then he and the sumo wrestlers left for Osaka.
Shinpachi: Alright! All our hard work finally paid off! We earned money without staining our hands, and we got thanked for it! Say, Hijikata-san, to celebrate the success, can we have some sake just for tonight? Our lads have been working so hard. They deserve some reward too.
Hijikata: Fine with me.
Kondou: What's the matter, Toshi? You look down.
Hijikata: How come? Of course I'm happy too.
But his tone was gloomy. Ryu recalled what Hijikata said the day before.
Hijikata: This isn't enough. I'm barely catching up with that man.

Kondou seemed like he wanted to say something, but held it back. At this moment, Saitou came in a hurry, which was rare for him.
Saitou: Vice commander, I need to report something... about Commander Serizawa.
Hijikata: What did Serizawa-san do?
Saitou whispered something in Hijikata's ear. Hijikata turned pale immediately.
Hijikata: Yamazaki, Ibuki! And everyone else too! Get ready for dispatch, on the double!

In front of the house in scorching flames, Serizawa stood there like a hell guard.
Serizawa: You took your time. Got carried away by the success of the sumo wrestling performance?
Hijikata: Serizawa-san, what are you thinking? Did you set this store on fire?
Serizawa: Yes. Because the owner of this Yamatoya made a fortune unjustly by trading with foreigners. What's more, he's suspected to sponsor the lawless ronin of Sonno Joi.
He kicked the merchant crouched at his feet.
Serizawa: And he dared to reject to provide fund for Roshigumi. Therefore I have every reason to bring him to justice.
Hijikata: Shinanigans! Who would set a house on fire just because the owner refused to be robbed? All of you! Bring over the buckets! Extinguish the fire at once!
Serizawa: Hijikata, this is a direct order from the commander! You will not change it your way, out of your personal judgment.
Hijikata: What?!
Serizawa: To bring Yamatoya to justice was the decision of me, Serizawa Kamo, the commander of Roshigumi. Are you saying that your orders, as a vice commander's, should override mine?
Serizawa looked around at the onlookers, and spoke provokingly.
Serizawa: In front of all these people, are you showing them the vice commander of Roshigumi outranks the commander?
Hijikata bit his lip. It seemed like he's struggling between stopping Serizawa-san and obeying orders.
Ryu: Hijikata-san, forget what he said. Shouldn't we extinguish the fire? If the buildings nearby catch fire too...
Hijikata made his decision.
Hijikata: It's said that the owner of this store supported lawless ronin. We can investigate thoroughly once the fire is extinguished. We might find solid evidence inside.
Ryu: What are you talking about? You know there's no such thing!
Hijikata: Ibuki! Be careful about what you say! The commander of Roshigumi had made himself clear. Surely he'd have spoken with evidence!
Hijikata glared at Serizawa. After a while...
Serizawa: After working so long for the performance... Too bad, Hijikata.

The next evening, Serizawa told Ryu to accompany him to Shimabara. Ryu asked why he didn't bring Niimi and Hirama as usual. Serizawa said Niimi wasn't in. And he had beaten up Hirama so much that he couldn't get up.
Serizawa had been more rough on Hirama and easily irritated lately. Ryu felt he can't let Serizawa go by himself.
After a few drinks, Serizawa got angry at servants. When Ryu tried to stop him, he got beaten, kicked out, and fell in another room. The guest in that room jumped up in anger, but seeing how insane Serizawa looked, he fled.
Serizawa came, stepped on Ryu's swollen face, and ordered him to apologize.
Ryu: I feel sorry for you.
Serizawa: What?
Ryu: I feel sorry for you. Why didn't Niimi-san come with you tonight? Why did the other soldiers avoid you? Now I understand, by looking at the you right now. It's because you always use violence to threaten others to obey you. You're creating an image of being popular, to fool yourself. But the result is everyone hates you more. Look around in Roshigumi. Even Niimi-san kept a distance. The only ones by your side are Hirama and Oume-san.
Ryu knew it's improper to speak this way to the person who saved his life. But it's because he owed Serizawa his life that he can't bear to see Serizawa continue like this. He must tell the truth, even if it might get him killed.
Serizawa looked down at him in astonishment. Then he spoke indifferently.
Serizawa: ... Leave.
Ryu: Huh?
Serizawa: I never knew you were this stupid. It was a mistake to save you. Get out. Don't show your face in front of me again.
For all this time, using what Ryu owed him, Serizawa made Ryu stay in Roshigumi, drove him around and beat him up often. All of a sudden he's letting him go?
Ryu: Serizawa-san... Can I really go?
Serizawa: How many times do you want me to repeat this? And don't step into Maekawa House again. You're no longer my dog, so you don't have the rights to sleep there.
Ryu: I see. I'll gather my belongings and leave tonight. Thank you for looking after me all these time, Serizawa-san.

Ryu always wanted to be freed. But now he felt emptiness in him. At the door of Maekawa House, Yamazaki asked Ryu to help as usual. Ryu told him he's driven out by Serizawa, and had nothing to do with Roshigumi anymore.
Yamazaki: Are you really fine with that?
Ryu: What do you mean? You didn't want me to stay in the first place. Didn't you say someone staying here without resolution would only bring trouble?
Yamazaki: I never thought I'd acknowledge you but... You looked so happy when you're helping us out. You finally got familiar with inspector's duties, and everyone started to accept you. Do you really want to leave?
Ryu: Even if you say so, what can I do? Serizawa-san told me to get out! I have no reason to stay here anymore...
Yamazaki, after a while of consideration, replied seriously.
Yamazaki: Then how about becoming a formal member of Roshigumi?
Ryu: Huh?
Yamazaki: I never had a chance to invite you because of Serizawa-san. But now you're free! You can join and work for Roshigumi like me! The other executives wouldn't oppose either.
That's true. Ryu had been here for half a year. He can't think of anyone who wouldn't want him to stay.
Yamazaki: Let's talk to vice commander. You need to tell him you're no longer working for Serizawa-san anyway.
It's like Yamazaki pushed him all the way to Hijikata's room.

It's so late that everyone should be sleeping. But Hijikata was still up and working.
Yamazaki: I apologize for disturbing you at this hour, vice commander.
He quickly explained what happened.
Hijikata: I see. So Ibuki has no need to stay here. Then, what do you plan to do?
Ryu: Um....
Yamazaki: I think it'll be nice for him to become a formal member. He knows Roshigumi well, and he's been helping with inspector's duties, so...
Hijikata: Yamazaki, I'm not asking you. I'm asking Ibuki.
Yamazaki: ... My apologies.
Hijikata: So, what do you think, Ibuki?
Urged again, Ryu still didn't know what to say.
Hijikata: Perhaps there are things you don't want to say in front of Yamazaki. Yamazaki, go back to your room.
Concerned about what will become of Ryu, Yamazaki looked at Ryu again, and then replied.
Yamazaki: I see. Excuse me then.
He bowed and left the room, making the room awkwardly quiet.
Hijikata: So are you leaving or staying?
Ryu: To tell the truth, I never had anything I really wanted to do. I didn't want to become samurai, like you all do.
Hijikata: I take that as you're leaving, regardless of what Yamazaki suggested?
Ryu: No. I didn't mean that. I didn't want to become samurai but... How should I put it...? I've been with all the nice fellows here for half a year, and we've know each other well. I've started to think it's not bad to stay here.
Hijikata smiled.
Hijikata: You're easily moved as usual. You'll kept being used by others, like by Serizawa-san, or by me.
Ryu: I don't think that's a bad thing.
Hijikata: Not a bad thing?
Ryu: Not everyone has a strong will and motivation like you do. Some people find their way by following others.
Ryu recalled when helping Yamazaki, he started to have the feeling he never had before - the contentment of working on something worthwhile.
Ryu: It's not wrong to find satisfaction in helping someone. It's people who make use of this feeling that's wrong.
Hijikata: I see. Perhaps you're right. In an organization there has to be leaders and followers. I never thought I'd have you to point this out for me.
Hijikata: Anyway, you decide what to do. If you're staying, I'll consider accepting you as a member like Yamazaki said. If you're leaving, the sooner the better. It's hard to decide right away. You can stay and help Yamazaki like before. But it's for buying you time. You can't remain like this forever. Keep this in mind.
Ryu: I understand.

Early in the morning of 8/18, the sound of cannon fire rang across the streets of Kyoto. Common soldiers sleeping in the hall, including Ryu, all woke up in surprise.
Yamazaki: Ibuki! Are you up?
Ryu: Who could sleep after hearing that?
Yamazaki: Let's go to vice commander's room and ask for instructions.
When they reached Hijikata's room, Kondou and Sannan were already there discussing.
Hijikata: After one shot it fell silent again.
Sannan: Above all, the sound came from the direction of the Imperial Palace.
Hijikata: Yamazaki, Shimada, and Ibuki. Split up and investigate on the Imperial Palace and in the streets.
Sannan: The war might have begun already. Do be very careful.

Yamazaki told Shimada and Ryu to investigate in the streets, while he takes a look at the Imperial Palace. Since Yamazaki picked the most dangerous place, Ryu felt worried and chased after him.
At the gate they saw two armies, one inside and the other outside, staring at each other. The atmosphere was so intense that if someone shoots a bullet, it's open war right away.
Yamazaki: That's... Satsuma's and Aizu's troops. On the other side it's Choshu's. This gate should be guarded by Choshu Clan. What are Satsuma Clan and Aizu Clan doing here?
Yamazaki muttered while making out the clan crests on their flags.
Ryu: Satsuma, Aizu, and Choshu? How did they get together?
Yamazaki: I have no idea. Let's meet up with Shimada and report to vice commander.

It was dawn when they were back at the quarters. Everyone was in uniform, ready for dispatch. Serizawa was also among them.
Serizawa: Why is the dog I let loose still here?
Yamazaki stood in front of Ryu.
Yamazaki: Ibuki is aiding me in inspector's duties, even if he's not a formal member yet.
Serizawa: Picking up this useless dog? The inspectors sure need all the help they can get.
Yamazaki: Ibuki isn't a useless dog. If I don't think he's capable, I wouldn't work with him.
Ryu: Hey! Stop it, Yamazaki!
Hijikata: Are you done with chatting? Report the situation.

Yamazaki reported what they saw at the gate.
Sannan: Allied forces of Aizu and Satsuma, against Choshu, at the gate which Choshu guards?
Kondou: Why Aizu and Satsuma? I've never heard they had connections.
Serizawa: An enemy of the enemy is an ally. Both Aizu and Satsuma considered Choshu a nuisance, since Choshu acted like they own the Imperial Court.
Hijikata: The problem is how to use this situation to make Roshigumi's name.
Shinpachi: Why not dispatch right away and lend Aizu a hand? Aren't we under the charge of Aizu?
Sannan: It would be unwise to move without orders given.
Shinpachi: But if we just sit here, we'll let the chance slip by!
Although everyone was anxious, there's nothing to do but wait. Finally near noon...

Saitou: The messenger's here! Mibu Roshigumi should mobilize to the gate of Imperial Palace at once.
Hijikata: It's about time! Those big shots of Aizu are such slowpokes.
Kondou: Everyone! This is the first time we're ordered to the front by Aizu Clan. Give it all you got!
All: Yes sir!

They were stopped at Hamaguri-gomon Gate.
Soldier: Who goes there? This gate is guarded by Aizu Clan. Leave at once, you tramps!
Kondou: We're not tramps. We are Mibu Roshigumi, under the charge of Lord Matsudaira.
The soldiers looked at each other.
Soldier: Never heard of it. Get out of here.
Hijikata: No way. We're here by orders of your Koyokata.
*Koyokata was a department of a clan, in charge of works between central Shogunate government & Imperial Court.
Soldier: I told you no one ever heard of it. Quit lying.
Kondou: Sorry to trouble you, but can't you make sure with your Koyokata?
Although Kondou asked politely, the soldier refused, and pointed the spear threateningly at Roshigumi. Serizawa brushed the tip of the spear aside with his iron fan.
Serizawa: Since you're guarding the gate of Imperial Palace, hear me out. You're neglecting your duty by not confirming with your Koyokata. If your duty is simply driving away anyone near the gate, even a child can do that.
Soldier: What?
Serizawa: If you take pride in guarding the gate of Imperial Palace, why are you too lazy to break a sweat? Are you standing by to standby?
Serizawa roared, and flung off the spear with his iron fan in a dignified way. He was like a military commander of Sengoku Era came back to life.
Soldier: I see. I'll go and confirm.
The soldiers who paid no attention to Kondou's and Hijikata's words changed their attitude because of Serizawa. Ryu was thinking Serizawa was really so much above the others, when he noticed Hijikata looking enviously at Serizawa.

The Rebellion of 8/18, raised by Aizu and Satsuma, successfully drove Choshu's power out of the Imperial Court.
Choshu was removed from its position of guarding the gates of Imperial Palace. And those court noblemen of Sonno Joi, who had connections with Choshu, were driven out of the city.
For their service, Aizu finally acknowledged Roshigumi, and promised to continue backing them up. What's more, Lord Matsudaira awarded them with a new name, Shinsengumi.

Ryu noticed the new doorplate at the front door, and stopped to take a good look. The doorplate reads, "Quarters of Shinsengumi, Under the Charge of Matsudaira Higonokami".
*Note: "Higonokami" was Lord Matsudaira's official position.
Hijikata: Why are you gazing at the doorplate and spacing out?
Ryu: I'm just thinking... we've been through a lot until we're finally here. Getting a new name and acknowledged by Aizu Clan, isn't this great?
Hijikata: What are you talking about? This is just the beginning. There are so much more we need to do.
Ryu: Hey, don't be so modest. At least show your joy for today.
Hijikata: I'm not being modest. It's the truth. It's after taking a step ahead that I realized how immature I am.
Ryu recalled how Hijikata's looking enviously at Serizawa yesterday.
Ryu: Say, Hijikata-san, what do you think of Serizawa-san?
Hijikata: I don't like him. I can't get along with him at all. But he's really something, although I hate to admit it.
Hijikata looked at the plate. It was also thanks to Serizawa that Shinsengumi was awarded this name and position.
Hijikata: However, the one I want to lift up is Kondou-san, not Serizawa-san.
Ryu: ... Indeed.
Hijikata always wanted to make Kondou's name know to the world. So he wouldn't be happy to see Shinsengumi having two commanders. Lately, Serizawa had become more and more difficult. One moment he's in good mood, and the next moment he's beating up people. Sometimes his words were hardly reasonable.
Although he called Ryu a "dog" and treated him harshly, still, he was the one who saved Ryu's life. Ryu didn't want to see him isolated by the other members like this.

Chapter 6 Part 2

I'm very, very curious that up to this point... what do you think of Serizawa?
(Plz check every option you think that fits. :))

How would you describe Serizawa in Reimeiroku?

A commanding presence
Being a pest for no reason
Tsundere (ツンデレ)

Personal comments

1. Connection to Hakuoki:
Soldiers yelling "never heard of it, get out of here" seemed so familiar, ne? That also happened in Hakuoki, when Choshu attacked the gate of Imperial palace on 1864/8/19 (the end of Hakuoki game Ch1, or anime Epi4.)
Also at this scene, after hearing the cannon fire, Shinsengumi was leaving for Hamaguri-gomon Gate, but Aizu soldiers tried to stop them. Hijikata scolded them with the same "standing-by for standby" line. That showed he's influenced by Serizawa more than he thinks. XD (This line is only in game.)

2. This chapter is enough to show why the amount of Yamazaki fanart tripled after Reimeiroku's release.
Yamazaki dozing off!! Yamazaki getting so hyped about Ryu joining that Hijikata told him to return to his room!! Yamazaki standing up against Serizawa!! :D (Even Ryu got worried that he'd get a taste of the iron fan.)

3. My eyes nearly popped out when Serizawa appointed Saitou to cut the geisha's hair. Saitou silently asking "should I?" was so moe!!! It's a direct order from the commander, yet Saitou still asked Hijikata, since it's something Hijikata didn't want to see. If Serizawa was seriously looking for trouble, he's in for it.

Okay, seriously, Serizawa did this on purpose. If he simply wanted the job done, he would've appointed Shinpachi. He made Saitou do it because he knew Saitou would ask, therefore putting more pressure on Hijikata (although Saitou didn't intend to). No wonder Okita and Saitou both said Serizawa was observative.
BTW this alternative isn't in Serizawa route. I suppose it's because the Ryu in Serizawa route was hostile to Shieikan Faction, and wouldn't have noticed Saitou's reaction. ;)


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Apr. 8th, 2012 07:56 pm (UTC)
Shinpachi cutting a geisha's hair.
Would be an interesting sight, if I could imagine it.

This chapter of Hijikata route was A LOT better than the previous ones.
The more and more I read your walkthroughs, the more and more I get the feeling, that Serizawa wants to teach Hijikata something. Or wants Hijikata to do something, to finally understand something he doesn't see/do just yet. He's very sly.

He's a giant pest too, but usually he has a reasont o back it off. A twisted reason, but still a reason. Not sure about the insane part, but I suppose one couldn't call him a normal person either.

And figures that in the five lines Saito has here, there would be some moe. And seeing Shinpachi suggesting good ideas to Hijikata-san, showing him how to raise the troups morale made my day.

Thank you for this translation!
Apr. 19th, 2012 03:27 am (UTC)
You're welcome~
So the key to make Hijikata route not boring is to make sure Hijikata isn't doing most of the talking. XD

Saitou manages to be moe with 5 lines. BTW when he whispered to Hijikata... They were standing, and Saitou was shorter. *imagines the scene* *drools* Kondou-san was also there. Why whisper? XD

Shinpachi have a way with other soldiers. :D That reminds me in Hakuoki Ch4 when he's leaving the quarters to take out enemy cannons, he said, "sorry you have to be dragged around by your ruthless captain" (something like that). He's got to be loved by his soldiers for them to follow him into a suicide mission without complaints. ;)

Thank you for the insight on Serizawa. :D One of the elements of Hijikata (& Okita) route is to boost Serizawa-hate. But after reading through Serizawa route, it's hard to view at him that way. He's indeed a very interesting character. I'm planning to write his route next.

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Apr. 19th, 2012 07:52 pm (UTC)
xDDDD Seems so.

Awww~...seriously, like two newlyweds.

That happens in episode twelve too. Well, Shimada does love admire him, so...why not the others too. Sano should look out.

I thought that his route would be more descriptive. ^^ That's great! If not Sano's, at least I'll have Serizawa.
Apr. 8th, 2012 11:52 pm (UTC)
I find myself kind of liking Serizawa for some reason. ;^^ I think it might be his looks more than anything else. xD I also wish Shinpachi had a route. Hey, there's an idea for Otomate if they want to create more Hakuouki games, make alternative routes. Specifically, Sannan, Shinpachi, and Yamazaki routes. :3 As always, thanks for the great translations.
Apr. 19th, 2012 03:30 am (UTC)
You're welcome~
Desho~ Fans craved for Sannan, Shinpachi, and Yamazaki routes for a long time. Why wouldn't Otomate listen? ><
That's probably why they increased screentime for Sannan (in Okita route), Shinpachi (in saitou route), and Yamazaki (in Hijikata route) though. ^^;
Apr. 9th, 2012 12:32 am (UTC)
There is so much in this game, I wonder how they will fit it in a 12-episodes series without leaving out all these interesting moments...
Apr. 19th, 2012 03:31 am (UTC)
I wonder as well. One season isn't enough! :D
Apr. 9th, 2012 11:45 am (UTC)
I've been following you LJ for a long time, thank you sooooooo much for your translations!
My opinion about Serizawa is more or less the same as manaika. He's both detestable and lovely.
I'm wondering about Serizawa's death moments, I think that he might know he's going to be assassinated but he'll let them do it for the sake of the Shinsengumi.
I discovered recently that he and Oume had a relationship, what do you think about them as a couple?

@midori Don't forget about harem routes^^ Route with both Harada and Shinpachi, Hijikata and Saito, Okita and Saito... God I have to stop :lol:
Apr. 9th, 2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
That's a find idea! Oh, I would die for a Sano/Shinpachi harem route. You should send an email on Otomate! xD
Apr. 19th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
You're welcome~
The love story (?) of Serizawa & Oume is one of my favorite parts in Reimeiroku. Unlike young couples, they're like forsted lakes: seemly cold and calm, but with water/feelings running underneath. After Oume's last monologue I had to turn off the game a while to calm down, before continuing to witness their fate. >
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