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Hakuouki Yuugiroku Walkthrough

The plot (there's a plot?) of Yuugiroku is simple: 2~4 options lead you to each route.
There are no more options in character routes (except for Okita's go, go, and go), so you won't miss any CG.

急いで起きる もう少しだけ…













Hijikata Okita Saitou Harada Toudou

Hijikata Route: 急いで起きる→土方さんの様子を見に戻る→中身を確かめる
Mini game 1: Press the button shown on screen.
Mini game 2: Find the box with Hijikata's Haiku in it.
Mini game 3: Use D-pad to aim, and press O to throw stones.

Okita Route: 急いで起きる→他の隊士さんに聞きに行く→近藤さんに指示を仰ぐ→中身を確かめる
Mini game 1: Use D-pad to dodge left or right, and press O to jump to avoid darts.
Mini game 2: Press the correndsponding button shown on screen.
Mini game 3: Press the opposite button shown on screen.
Saitou Route: 急いで起きる→他の隊士さんに聞きに行く→斎藤さんに話を聞く→中身を確かめる
Mini game 1: Turn the PSP 90 degrees. Use up & down on D-pad to move left & right to catch chestnuts, and press R to cut the other falling objects.
Mini game 2: Find the man on the wanted poster.
Mini game 3: Boost the red status bar on the right to reach the top.
For 「煩わしい……」,
For 「地を這う…」,
For 「このドブネズミ…」,
For 「我が妻に…」,
press 「△ ガンバレ!」
press 「口 ガマンして」
press 「O カッコいい」
press 「X 言い返せ」
Toudou Route: 急いで起きる→巡察に出る→中身を確かめる
Mini game 1: Use D-pad to catch the laundry, and press O to hang it.
Mini game 2: Watch out for Sannan-san! Use D-pad to move, and press O to hide behind bushes.
Mini game 3: Press O according to instructions. 連打 means hit fast, and ゆっくり means slowly. Press X to jump. 

Harada Route: 急いで起きる→他の隊士さんに聞きに行く→境內に出てみる→中身を確かめる
Mini game 1: Use D-pad to move and catch the cats. Press O to set the trap or pick it back up.
Mini game 2: Press the corresponding button shown on screen.
Mini game 3: Keep Hijikata company as he drinks.
press 「口 すすめる」
press 「X あいづち」
press 「O 酒」

Kazama Route: もう少しだけ…→中身を確かめる
Mini game 1: Play rock-paper-scissors first. Then press O if you win, X if you lose.
Mini game 2: Use D-pad to move, and press triangle to attack.
Mini game 3: Adjust the angle and strength (see the strength bar on the left). Press O to throw.
Shinsengumi's Hanami: もう少しだけ…→伊東さんに屆ける
After finishing all 6 routes, start a new game from the beginning, and this option would appear.


Yuugiroku 2

Routes for the Main 6
♪ In the first round you can go to the festival with Hijikata, Okita, Saitou, Heisuke, or Sano. They'd love to go with you, but each has a problem that's keeping them from leaving the HQ. Basically you walk around and talk to everyone (including common soldiers) to solve it so they can go.
♪ Kazama route is unlocked after finishing any route of the main 5. Start over from the beginning and find him in your room.

Routes for Supporting Cast ♪ All 3 routes can be triggered in 1st round. So when I say "everyone" here, I only mean the main 5.

Sannan Keisuke

In short: Sannan → Sannan → Gen-san → Saitou → Sannan
☆ Get Okita to 4th event and everyone else to 5th event, but don't go to the festival with anyone.
→ Talk to Sannan. [Sannan's 1st event]
→ Talk to Sannan. [Sannan's 2nd event]
→ Talk to Gen-san in back yard.
→ Talk to Saitou in courtyard, but choose not to go with him. He'd go inside the temple.
→ Talk to Saitou inside. [Sannan's 3rd event]
→ Talk to Sannan. [Sannan's 4th+5th event]

* Sannan's first 2 events can be trigger earlier, when everyone else are at 3rd event.
* Okita automatically drags you out after triggering 5th event. So after his 4th event, don't talk to him anymore.
* Once you go to the festival, this route is locked. In this case, please start over.

Nagakura Shinpachi

In short: Shinpachi → Shinpachi → Sannan → Shinpachi
☆ Get Harada to 5th event.
→ Go to the festival with anyone, and then come back.
→ Talk to Shinpachi. [Shinpachi's 1st event] (This can also be triggered before going.)
→ Talk to Shinpachi. [Shinpachi's 2nd event]
→ Talk to Sannan. [Shinpachi's 3rd event]
→ Talk to Shinpachi. [Shinpachi's 4th+5th event]

Yamazaki Susumu

In short: Okita → Yamazaki → Yamazaki → Okita → Okita → Yamazaki → Kondou → Kondou
☆ Go to the festival with Okita, and play 3 mini games.
→ Find Yamazaki. [Okita's 7th event]
→ Find Yamazaki again. [Yamazaki's 1st event]
→ After being taken back to HQ, talk to Okita twice to go again.
→ Find Yamazaki. [Yamazaki's 2nd event]
→ After being taken back to HQ, talk to Kondou in his room. [Yamazaki's 3rd event]
→ Talk to Kondou. [Yamazaki's 4th+5th event]

* Once you're taken back to the HQ the 2nd time, Okita route is locked. If you want to finish Okita route in this round, save a file before triggering Yamazaki's 2nd event (and don't overwrite it with Yamazaki's).
* If Kondou is somewhere else, talk to him until he goes back.



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Jun. 10th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Thanks for this ! :D
Jun. 10th, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for sharing <3
I'm still halfway through this game >
Jun. 10th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the scheme, it should be funny to play even if it's short and the art is too kawaii <3
Sep. 4th, 2011 09:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this! For some reason, even though I smack Shiranui's hp bar down to nothing in Kazama's route...I have to replay the rock paper scissors game D:
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