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Hakuouki Reimeiroku introduction

Historical adventure game. (Not a date sim! We play as the blue-haired boy Ryunosuke.)

As we know, Reimeiroku is a prequel to Hakuouki, but how much time was in between?
Here are some major events in Bunkyū Year 3 (文久3年), aka 1863 A.D. :
2nd monthRōshigumi arrived Kyoto.Hakuouki Reimeiroku begins.
8th monthRōshigumi renamed "Shinsengumi". 
9th monthShinsengumi unified.Hakuouki Reimeiroku ends.
12th monthChizuru arrived Kyoto.Hakuouki begins.
*The main story ends here, excluding the epilogue.
(The dates are in lunar calender, not the one generally used nowadays. 2nd month ≠ February, but spans March and April.)

So Reimeiroku was merely 3~10 months before Hakuouki.

Shinsengumi Hierarchy
during Hakuouki Reimeiroku.
(Mouse over the pics to see the names.)
Shinsengumi was formed of 2 factions: Serizawa and his men from Mito, and Kondou and his men from Shieikan*.
Although there are more assistants on Kondou's side, Serizawa was the Lead Commander (筆頭局長) and was the highest authority in Shinsengumi. Niimi started out as a commander too, but later got demoted because of misbehavior. Theoretically the 2~3 commanders should discuss and reach common grounds before making decisions, but Serizawa and Niimi basically ignore Kondou, and do whatever they want.
Serizawa's Faction
(Mito Faction)
 Kondou's Faction
(Shieikan Faction)
Serizawa Kamo
Kondou Isami
Niimi Nishiki

Hijikata Toshizo Sannan Keisuke
Hirama Juusuke
Hirayama Gorou
Noguchi Kenji
Saeki Matasaburou

(The latter 3 members 
are not in game.)
Assistant of
Vice Commander
Okita Souji Nagakura Shinpachi Saitou Hajime
Inoue Genzaburou Toudou Heisuke Harada Sanosuke
Officer in Service 

Yamazaki Susumu Shimada Kai
 Common Soldier

Character Introduction
From the official website. The last line (in italic) is a quote from that character.

Ibuki Ryunosuke
Ibuki Ryunosuke (Protagonist, original character)
Although he's obstinate and badmouthing, he also has a gentle side.

After his mother died of illness, he lost his goal and wondered around aimlessly. 
He was raided by a group of sonnō jōi rōnins heading towards Kyoto, robbed of all his money, and left to die. When he was about to starve to death, he was saved by Serizawa Kamo. Ryu was forced to become Serizawa's servant. The place he was taken to was the quarters of a group of rōnins later known as "Shinsengumi".

Although he was also born in a samurai family, because of what he's been through, Ryu hates "samurai" with a passion. But now he lives with a bunch of youngsters whose lifetime goals are to become samurais. Stubbern as Ryu is, after getting to know them better, and understanding their dreams, his heart begins to change. 

"I will decide my way of life!" 
Hijikata Toshizo 
Hijikata Toshizo

He is Kondou's right-hand man. Very sharp-minded.
To give Kondou the position Kondou deserves, Hijikata devoted all his efforts into developing Shinsengumi. 
He's now plagued with Serizawa's notorious behaviors.

"Listen, I'll definitely push you up to the position you deserve."
Okita Souji 
Okita Souji
He's always smiling and joking. A genius in sword skill.
He has a deep affection and respect for Kondou, and is seeking a way to help Kondou.

"The only thing I can do is to become a sword, to kill."
Saitou Hajime 
Saitou Hajime
He's taciturn and very shy. 
In an era that most people discriminate left-handed sword users, the Shieikan members accepted him as he is.
For them, and especially for Hijikata, he is willing to accept any dangerous mission.

"This is the only place that I'm taken as a samurai."
Toudou Heisuke 
Toudou Heisuke

He's a typical Edo boy, who loves festivals, is friendly to people, and values harmony among fellows very highly. 
He misses the days in Shieikan, when Kondou and Hijikata weren't so strict.

"Kondou-san and Hijikata-san sure changed a lot."
Harada Sanosuke 
Harada Sanosuke

Although he gets into quarrel easily, he is warm-hearted, and has a strong sense of obligation.
He is not interested in politics, but follows Kondou and Hijikata to Kyoto to repay their favor. 

"Don't mistake this for vanity. It's a man thing."
Serizawa Kamo 
Serizawa Kamo

Although he has a sharp mind, he's quick-tempered, arrogant, and self-centered.
His outrageous behavior is the reason why Shinsengumi became notorious in Kyoto.
He looks down on Kondou and Hijikata.

"There's only one thing I want to ask, "Do you want to live?""
Niimi Nishiki 
Niimi Nishiki
He's an ambitious person who tags along Serizawa for his own profit. 
Inly he actually finds Serizawa repugnant.

"Serizawa-san, is it alright to let them have their way?"
Hirama Juusuke 
Hirama Juusuke
He served Serizawa family, and knew Serizawa since childhood.
He is timid and humble to anyone.

"Ye... yes! Certainly, milord."
Kondou Isami 
Kondou Isami

He's warm-hearted and sentimental. Although he is at the same rank as Serizawa, he thinks Serizawa is better than him, therefore he doesn't express opinions strongly.

"From now on, let's join hands and support Rōshigumi together."
Sannan Keisuke 
Sannan Keisuke
He's always smiling and speaks in a soft manner. Behind the smile, he judge things calmly.
He thinks and takes action in hope to make Shinsengumi a bigger organization.

"Hijikata-kun, aren't you straining yourself a bit? Calm dawn a little, alright?"
Nagakura Shinpachi 
Nagakura Shinpachi

He's an Edo boy who loves sword skills and sake. It's in his personality to dislike of unjust things. Even if it's for the development of Shinsengumi, he can not bring himself to accept anything irrational.

"Don't sweat the small stuff."
Inoue Genzaburou 
Inoue Genzaburou (Gen-san)
He's the senior among them, and is loved for his sincere and honest personality.
He views Kondou and Hijikata as his own little brothers, and is willing to do anything for them.

"I never thought I could set foot on Kyoto someday."
Yamazaki Susumu 
Yamazaki Susumu
He's an inspector inside Shinsengumi, and a secret agent outside.
He admires Hijikata's resolution and personality, and decides to follow him all his life.

"If you're not going to be a samurai, the sooner you leave the better."
Shimada Kai 
Shimada Kai
He's an inspector and secret agent of Shinsengumi. Also serving as a corporal of Squad #2.
He always wanted to help Kondou and Hijikata ever since his enlistment.  

"That's because the only mirit I have is my physical strength."
Kosuzu  (Original character)
She's a dancer girl in the geisha house "養花楼" in red-light district. 
Although being modest and graceful in appearance, she's strong inside.

She likes Ryunosuke, and is the only character with a love route with Ryunosuke in this game.  

"Mr. Ibuki, how may I help you?"

She's a mistress of kimono dealer Hishiya. She often visits to collect the payment for making the Shinsengumi uniform.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. commander. I'm from Hishiya. Please call me Ume."
Sasaki Aijirou 
Sasaki Aijirou
He's a deligent young soldier in Rōshigumi, who fell in love with the girl he rescued when patrolling in the streets.

"Rōshigumi became notorious because of people like Serizawa-san!"


*1. Shieikan (試衛館)
Shieikan is a martial arts dōjō teaching Tennen Rishin-ryū, owned by Kondou family. 
Disciples in Shieikan
Kondou Isami Okita Souji Inoue Genzaburou Hijikata Toshizo Sannan Keisuke
Guests of Shieikan
(Hung around but didn't study
 Tennen Rishin-ryū formally.)
Nagakura Shinpachi Harada Sanosuke Toudou Heisuke Saitou Hajime
These 9 are recognized as Shieikan members, and are the founders of Shinsengumi.

*2. Assistants of Vice Commander (副長助勤)
Although these characters are more well known as captains, their formal rank/title is "Assistants of Vice Commander". Simply put... 
     Rank = Assistant of Vice Commander. 
     Position = Captain.
They were the 3rd highest in command in Shinsengumi, only next to Kondou and Hijikata. Their main job was to aid the Commander and Vice Commander in internal affairs, and lead squads in battle. But not all of them serve as captains. For example, Yamazaki was also promoted to this rank later, but he didn't lead any squads. 

In Hakuouki, they were simply referred to as "Shinsengumi executives" (幹部). 
But they finally decided to bring up this formal title in Reimeiroku.


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Aug. 19th, 2010 10:47 pm (UTC)
thanks for the translation it helped a lot!

i always wanted to know when reimeroku took place since chizuru is not in there :)
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Aug. 20th, 2010 09:06 am (UTC)
Shinpachi avatar! :D
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Yes it's a little confusing. BTW it looks like Chizuru would be in the epilogue of Reimeiroku.
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yep but it makes sense when you know that chizuru appeared once the shinsengumi got unified and when the end with chizuru is the end of the shinsengumi !

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Aug. 20th, 2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
BTW, can I borrow some of your B's Log scans for my translation? I'm thinking about using only the CG part, shrinking them to a smaller size, and link back to your page.
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This is amazing! Thank you so much, this info is so very helpful. I hadn't realized it was a prequel, actually. ;-)
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Kya~! Thank you very much, I had nooo idea what was going on before, haha.
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Sooo... In this game, we play as the blue-haired dude? :)
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Yep, the blue-haired boy is who we play as. :)
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Thanks for the translation, now i know who is ibuki >
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Do we know how the game will be played though? I mean, considering we play as a guy, is it still an otome game?
Aug. 20th, 2010 09:16 am (UTC)
You're welcome~♪
It's still an otome game. The production team emphasizes that.
The gameplay is basically the same. There will be different routes. Friendship points decide which route you go to in the later part of the game. The different thing is, after the 2nd playthrough the friendship points can be adjusted manually. So you can control which route to go to without replaying the whole game.
Aug. 20th, 2010 10:04 am (UTC)
Thanks for the translation! I was really wondering when Reimeiroku starts and ends. It also cleared up the confusion I had ^3^
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Thank you so much! You translations are always of great help expecially with this new game on coming that it's placed in a different cronological period then the others! =3 I still can't wait to play it more and more!
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Thanks a lot for the translation. Reimeiroku does seem so promising. The plot might seems a bit cliched but I love it. the personalities here seem more raw than in Hakuouki. Couldn't wait for the game~ <3
Aug. 23rd, 2010 05:51 am (UTC)
You're welcome~♪
In Reimeiroku they were still a bunch of youngsters who just reached the capital city, eager to devote themselves to this country, but not really sure of what to do or what lies ahead. I'm looking forward to see character developments in this game. Can't wait. >w
Aug. 20th, 2010 03:06 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your translation! It's so hard to find good, detailed information about the Hakuouki games, and I've been especially curious about Reimeiroku (as in, what the heck this game was about and who the new guy was). :) ♥

I would love to see more translations!
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Ryunosuke is so adorable.:D
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Oh man, thank you so so so much for all these info! I read all your related posts on Reimeiroku, and is so stoked to read more xD

I love how so much backstory is being revealed! One can almost see their later 'Hakuouki' personas emerging from the interactions here haha

Once again, thank you so very much! m(_ _)m
Jun. 13th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
Serizawa's faction's just hateful, saved only Matasaburou maybe XD
It's pleasant only reading these short introductions too about Hakuouki~
Sep. 1st, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
Thank you for putting this together!
Mar. 28th, 2012 03:54 am (UTC)
thank you again! i wish i could play the game though >__
Jul. 17th, 2012 11:23 am (UTC)
If this is the prequel, where is Ryunosuke in Hakuouki?
Please don't tell me he died. DDX =OOOO
Jul. 17th, 2012 03:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Question...
Don't worry. It's because Ryu left Shinsengumi 3 months before Chizuru showed up. :)
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